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We are a firm of Nationwide Process Servers. If you are looking for a Legal Aid Process Servers then we may be able to assist you.

We are able to serve in many of the areas we cover at Legal Aid rates. We regularly deal with Legal Aid cases and are fully aware of what is required when undertaking Legal Aid work.

We ensure we keep our fees to the rates accepted by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) for Process Servers and Enquiry Agents.

We have a great deal of experience with LAA funded cases and are aware of the problems that can arise if cases billed incorrectly. On cases which are LAA funded we ensure all work is carried out on a time and mileage basis and that our invoice is broken down to show the amount of time spent on each matter to minimise invoice queries.

All our Process Servers are as local as possible to the calls they make, often residing in the same areas and will ensure the papers are served as quickly as possible. Once served we will return proof of service to you confirming the date, time and place the subject was served.

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If you a ready to instruct a Process Server then the quickest way to instruct us is by email.

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