Process Server in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

We are an experienced Process Serving Agency. Our Process Servers cover the whole of the UK and serve legal papers in Birmingham every day.

We specialise at Process Serving and make service of any type of legal document or Court Order in the UK straightforward and cost-effective.

Instruct us with confidence knowing you are instructing a reputable Process Serving Agency. We are an established company who have been in business for many years.

Low Cost, Fixed Fee Service - No Hidden Charges

We offer a Low Cost, Fixed Fee Service throughout the whole of West Midlands area. The fees we quote are the fees you pay. There are no hidden charges. We don't charge extra for mileage or for completing a statement of service.

We will usually attend the address for service within 48 hours of receiving the papers from us. We can also attend the address the same day as instruct for really urgent matters. On all cases once the papers have been served we will then return a Certificate of Service, Statement of Service or a sworn affidavit to you.

To instruct a Process Server follow this link or if you would prefer a quotation before doing so then follow this link.

Legal Aid Cases

We also undertake Process Serving at accepted Legal Aid Rates. It is very important you let us know the case is Legally Aided when you instruct us. All Legal Aid work must be broken down into an hourly rate and mileage. The LAA will not accept a fixed fee invoice for Process Serving work.

We serve all types of legal documents: -

We serve all types of legal documents including:-

Court Orders, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions and Winding-up Petitions, Family and Children Proceedings, Claim Forms for Money and for Possession of land or property, Summons, Writs and Citations, Witness Summons, Non-Molestation Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders,  License Application Notices, Letters, Notices and Lease Break Notices and basically any other document you need to ensure reaches an address and obtain proof of service for.

Follow this link if you would like to instruct a Process Server for further information on how to do so.

Do you need a Process Server elsewhere?

We are a UK-Wide Process Serving company. No matter where you need a a document serving we can help you.

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