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If you need to instruct a local Process Server in the UK, PB Process Servers UK is well placed to assist you anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Our Process Servers are some of the most experienced and resilient people in our industry. Our Process Servers are local to the calls they make and we cover nearly every City, Town and Village in the Country.

We are an experienced Process Serving Company, established in 2002 and trusted by many Law Firms in the UK and internationally to serve Court and Legal Papers in the UK. We assist Solicitors, Lawyers, Councils, Corporate Clients, Charities and Private Individuals. No matter where you need Legal papers serving we have a Local Process Server who can assist you.

Fixed Fee Process Server and Legal Aid Rates

We provide a comprehensive, professional range of legal support services to Solicitors, Lawyers, Companies and Private Individuals that includes Fixed Fee, Nationwide Process Serving and Service at Legal Aid rates.

If the case is funded by the Legal Aid Agency then follow this link to learn more about Process Serving at LAA agreed rates.

Local Process Servers in the UK

We have experienced, Local Process Servers situated throughout the County who are ready to assist you now with service of Court Documents. Once served we will return a Certificate of Service, Statement of Service or a sworn Affidavit of Service to you confirming the date, time and place the documents were served.

We provide:-

Ready to instruct a Process Server?

Instructing us to serve papers couldn't be easier. We are happy to accept instructions by email or by post. We can also arrange collection of papers when required.

If posting papers to us simply send two copies of these to our Head Office and we will allocate these to our local process server who will ensure your documents are served quickly.

For time critical cases we can also arrange same day service of your Process. Our rush service can also include the collection of documents from your offices or from court as required.

Follow this link if you are ready to instruct a Process Server. If you would like to discuss our service further then contact us today we're always happy to help!

For further information on process serving including areas covered by us click on the links above or to the right.

What Happens If You Cannot Serve My Court Papers

Occasionally we are unable to serve Court papers. This is usually because the Respondent or Defendant has moved or they may be particularly evasive and the Court Order or Legal Papers can only be served by way of Personal Service i.e. handing it to that person. Where the Order cannot be served by letterbox then we would normally provide a Witness Statement of Attempted Service. This is usually sufficient for you to either make an Application to Court and use this as evidence to obtain an Order that allows service by an alternative method, such as letterbox service, or in some circumstances the Court may allow deemed service.

We work with you and do everything we can to assist you to to get the Order served one way or the other.

Am I still charged if your Process Servers are unsuccessful?

Yes, we always make a charge for our services. We do not work on a no serve no fee basis. If we have been unsuccessful then we will have usually made several visits to the address and so to not charge is simply not financially viable. The Court may also question the validity of service if our Process Servers were only paid when they have successfully served a Defendant with a Court Order.


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