Process Server to Serve a Divorce Petition

A Divorce normally requires the Respondent to be served with the Divorce Petition. They would either return the Acknowledgement of Service, you can instruct the Court Bailiff, or you can organise for them to be served with the Divorce Petition by a Process Server. This is so the Court knows, they have received the Divorce Petition.

If you need to serve the Divorce Petition, you should consider instructing a Process Server. PB Process Servers UK, provide Nationwide Process Serving in the United Kingdom. If you need a Process Server to serve your Divorce Petition, then we can help you.

How can a Divorce Process Server help me?

Your Process Server will physically attend the Respondents address, to serve them with the Divorce Petition. They will attend at varying times if they are unable to catch them on the first visit. This includes your Process Server attending during the day or if they work, on an evening or weekend when they are more likely to be home.

Your Process Server is a professional. He or she will know how to serve the Divorce Petition for you, even in difficult circumstances. Your Process Server will know what can and can't be done. They will know how to assist you when the Respondent tries to avoid service, helping you move further with your Divorce.

If a Process Server is unable to serve the Divorce Petition for you then he or she will provide you with a Statement of Attempted Service. This sets out all the efforts the Process Server has made to try and serve the Petition for you. It can then be filed at Court as evidence and you have the following choices:

  1. Apply for Deemed service;
  2. Make an Application for service by an alternative method (substituted Service) or at an alternative place; or
  3. Application to dispense with service.

How Much Does a Divorce Process Server Cost?

In many instances we cost less then what the Court Bailiff charges. We provide low cost, fixed fee, Process Serving and will make multiple visits (usually up to three) to the one address for our fees.

Once the Divorce Petition is served, we will provide you with a Statement of Service or a Statement of Attempted service to assist you.

Ready to instruct a Divorce Process Server?

If you are ready to instruct a Process Server to serve your Divorce Petition, then you will need to send us instructions, along with the papers for service.

It is important you let us have all relevant and helpful information when you instruct us. This will include whether they are employed or not, working hours if known and when you think they are most likely to be found at the address. Vehicles they drive can be helpful as is a photograph or Description of the Respondent to help us identify the person to be served.

 Normally you would send us the following to be served;

We are here to help.....

We are here to help. If you would like to discuss the matter with us please give us a call on 0113 286 8380 or email us. We have helpful and friendly staff that can provide assistance.

Important: We are not Solicitors so cannot provide legal advice. You should seek your own legal advice if required.

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