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We are a firm of Process Servers offering Nationwide Process Serving. We are usually prepared undertake Process Serving at Legal Aid Rates and will ensure our invoices comply with the LAA requirements.

All our Process Servers are as local as possible to the calls they make, often residing in the same areas they serve papers in. We will ensure the papers are served as quickly as possible by one of our experienced Process Servers. Once served we will return proof of service to you confirming the date, time and place the subject was served.

The Legal Aid Authority will not accept a Fixed fee Invoice. All we ask to ensure things progress smoothly is that at the time we are instructed you advise us that the case is Legally Aided. That way, we can ensure that we record and bill the case correctly i.e. on a time and mileage basis.

Ready to instruct a Legal Aid Process Server?

If you a ready to instruct a Process Server then the quickest way to instruct us is by email. Alternatively, the papers can be posted to us or we may be able to arrange collection.

If you wish to discuss the matter with us telephone 0113 286 8380.

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