Enquiry Agents in London, UK

Our Process Servers and Enquiry Agents serve legal documents in the London on a daily basis. We do this for an agreed fixed fee and also accept Legally Aided cases.

Call 0113 286 8380 to arrange for the service of a Legal Document in the London area.

We make the service of legal documents in London a straightforward and cost effective process. We are very experienced and will ensure your instructions are dealt with promptly and of course correctly.

If you need to instruct a Enquiry Agent in London then we can assist you.

Fixed Fee Process Serving in London

We serve Legal and Court documents in London for a fixed fee. We have a number of Process Server in London who can assist you immediately with service of your documents for the fixed fee.

We assist Solicitors, Lawyers, Government Agencies, Councils, Companies and Private Individuals. We accept privately paying as well as Legally Aided cases.

To instruct us click here for instructions and contact details.

We can assist you with service of:-

As London is a main area for us we have a dedicated website for this area. Please also see www.london-process-servers.co.uk for our dedicated website or click here to remain at this website.


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